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Updated June 13th, 2011

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Talarðu íslensku? Ég er að læra íslensku.


Here is a list of books sent in by Bernie Abel. Thanks, Bernie, this looks very helpful!

From: (Bernie Abel)
Subject: við lærum íslensku
Date: Sun, 06 Jun 2004 02:38:28 -0400

  1. that book by B. Moser, "lærum íslensku"... forget it. It´s just a thick grammar book, poorly organised, absolutely useless as far as learning a language is concerned. It just gives you loads of declensions and conjugation charts, absolutely not a a single exercises and some vocabulary list...I got a copy of it, and I never use it.
  2. AF STAÐ. is a new textbook published by Fjölmenning. the cover says kennskubók í íslensku fyrir byrjendur, so yes, it is a level 1 text book. I got it and yes it s fun to use. fairly straight forward, obviously designed for being used in a classroom, it s a nice tool to review the basics of the language.
  3. "Textar í íslensku fyrir erlenda studenta" by S. Sigmundsson is a textbook mainly of texts with vocabulary lists. Very good for practicing some readings and learning vocabulary, but watch out there is absolutely no grammar in it.
  4. the grammar reference book called "ÍSLENSKA FYRIR ÚTLENDINGA. Kennslubók í málfræði" by Ásta Svavarsdóttir and Margrét Jónsdóttir is excellent. Be aware that the book is in icelandic, therefore it s not for a beginner, but along with it´s exercises book "ÆFINGAR: með enskum glósum og leiðréttingalyklum" by the same authors, these two books are really doing the trick. Grammar starts to make sense, and yes, you actually progress in it.
  5. but my favorites are the Einar´s palsson "ícelandic in easy stages". they are 2 big books with an exercise book. the texts are an absolute laugh, and it goes really in easy stages. before you know it, and without suffering, you see yourself dealing with the cases, and the propositions, and so smoothly it´s amazing.
  6. I also use the colloquial icelandic by Daisy Neijman. I like it´s pocket size and it s packed with useful stuffs, plus it s also fun to use, and i consider it s always good not to stick with one textbook only.
Hope my comments have been useful to you.
með kæri kveðju frá Bretlandi. Við höfum samband.
vertu blessaður


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