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********   PRONUNCIATION   ********
a (short) as in "man" (british accent) EX: land
a (long) as in "father" EX: maur
a (followed by "ng" or "nk") like "ou" in "house" EX: banki
 like "ou" in "house" EX: lta
e (short) as in "met" EX: selja
e (long) like "ea" in "bear" EX: bera
 like "ye" in "yet" EX: ta
i (short) as in "hit" EX: hitta
i (long) as in "hit" but lengthened EX: bila
i (followed by "ng" or "nk") like "ee" in "seen", but shorter EX: hringja
 like "ee" in "seen" EX: lta
o (short) as in "not" EX: foss
o (long) like "aw" in "saw" EX: sofa
 like "o" in "sole" EX: sl
u (short) like "eu" in French "deux" EX: munnur
u (long) sounds same as short but lengthened EX: sumar
u (followed by "ng" or "nk") like "oo" in "moon", but shorter EX: ungur
 like "oo" in "moon" EX: spa
y sounds same as Icelandic "i" or "" EX: lyfta
 sounds same as Icelandic "i" or "" EX: sna
 like "i" in "mile" EX: mla
 (short) is similar to German "" like "ur" in "urgent" but shorter EX: hgg
 (long) like "ur" in "urgent" EX: vr
au like the vowel in French "feuille", similar to "oy" in "boy" EX: aumur
ei like "ay" in "day" EX: heim
ey like "ay" in "day" EX: leysa

All Icelandic vowels can be long or short.  They are normally pronounced long
when followed by 1) a single consonant or 2) the consonant combinations
p, t, or k + r, j, or v (i.e. pr, tr etc.).  They are normally pronounced short
if followed by a double consonant or a consonant combination other than the 
ones mentioned above.

b same as in English, but not strongly voiced EX: ba
d same as in English, but not strongly voiced EX: dttir
f 1) at beginning of a word is same as in English EX: fara
  2) in the middle or at the end of a word like English "v" EX: hafa
  3) before "l" or "n" like English "b" EX: gafl, nafn
g 1) at beginning of a word as in "good" EX: gur 
  2) after a vowel, unless followed by "i" or "j", like German g in "sagen"
     EX: saga, sagi
  3) after a vowel and followed by "i" or "j" like "y" in "yet" EX: magi, segja
h same as in English EX: ha
hv like "qu" in "quick" EX: hva
j like "y" in "yes" EX: j
k same as in English EX: kaup
kk is preceded by a pre-aspiration EX: ekkert (ehh-kert)
kl is also preceded by a pre-aspiration EX: afkla
kn is also preceded by a pre-aspiration EX: askn
l same as in English EX: laun
ll like "ttl" in "settle" but not with hard "t" sound (like "dl") EX: sll
m same as in English EX: me
n same as in English EX: nei
nn 1) after "", "", "", "", "", "", "au", "ei", or "ey" like "dn" 
      EX: steinn 
   2) after all other vowels and in the suffixed definate article sounds like 
      "nn" in English EX: finna
p same as in English except when before "s", "k", or "t" where it then in
  combination sounds like "f" EX: skips, dpka, dpt 
pp is preceded by a pre-aspiration EX: sloppur
pl is also preceded by a pre-aspiration EX: depla
pn is also preceded by a pre-aspiration EX: opna
r like in English only trilled EX: far  
rl like Icelandic "ll" above EX: karl
rn like Icelandic "nn" above EX: barn
s as in "mouse" EX: ms
t same as in English EX: takk
tt is preceded by a pre-aspiration EX: htta
tl is also preceded by a pre-aspiration EX: betla
tn is also preceded by a pre-aspiration EX: batna
v same as in English EX: vi
x same as in English EX: buxur
z like "s" in "sun" EX: verzlun
 like "th" in "thin" EX: unnur
 like "th" in "breathe" is never found at beginning of word EX: staa 

The accent of Icelandic words fall in almost all cases on the first syllable.
The exceptions are:
1) words that have the negative prefix "-" meaning "un-" as in "unwilling."
   EX: hreinindi
2) words that have the prefix "all-" meaning "rather" or "very" EX: allfeginn
In these two cases, the accent falls equally on the first two syllables or 
mainly on the second syllable.

********   PHRASES   ********
What's new?                             Hva er a frtta?
nothing remarkable                      ekkert merkilegt
nothing much                            ekkert miki
How's it going?                         Hvernig gengur?
Do you remember me?               Manst  eftir mr?; Manstu eftir mr?
same to you                             somuleiis   
sincerely yours                         yar einlgur
Who cares!                              Hverjum er ekki sama?
Cheer up!                       Hresstu ig vi!, *Vertu ekki svona neikvur!
As far as I know. . .                   Eftir v sem g best veit. . .
By the way. . .                         *Mean g man. .  .
By all means. . .                       Endilega. . .   
Its no use.                             etta er tilgangslaust.
What do you think?                      Hva heldur ?
She's a babe.                           Hun er skvsa., skutla., gella.
She goes on and on.                     Hn heldur fram og fram.
Up until now..                          Fram a n; Hinga til; Fram a essu..
It is surrounded by..   a er umluki; a er umkringt af; * kringum a er..
in front of                             fyrir framan
Just for fun.                           Bara til skemmtunar.
I can't help it.                        g get ekki a v gert.
He's nuts.                              Hann er klikkaur.
What's up?                              Hva segir  gott?
neat! (as in great!)                    sniugt!
Consider it done.                       Skal gert. ; *v er loki.
My dream came true.                     Draumar mnir uru a veruleika.
Let's face it. . .                      *Gerum okkur grein fyrir essu. . . 
He's full of shit!                      *Hann er rugludallur.
They died.                              au ltust. ; au fllu fr.
What a shame.         Hvlk leiindi.; Hvlk niurlging. ; Hvlk skmm.
Keep it to yourself.                    Segu engum fr v.
Her days are numbered.                  Hn  stutt eftir. ; Hn er feig.
So what's the point?                    *Hva varstu svo a reyna a segja?
That's beyond me.                       *a er fyrir ofan minn skilning.
in the nick of time                    sustu sekndunum ;  elleftu stundu
You should have known better!            ttir a vita betur!
I'm losing my temper!                   a er a fjka  mig! 
I'm losing my temper!                   g er a reiast!
Do you get it (understand)?             Nru essu?; Skilur  etta?
Give me a call.                         Hafu samband.; Hringdu  mig.
I like her/him.                         Mr lkar vi hana/hann.
I love her/him.                         g elska hana/hann.
I'm staying put.                        g ver um kyrrt.
Go to hell!                             Faru til fjandanns!
I'm sorry.                              Fyrirgefu.
Learn it by heart.                      Lru etta utanbkar.
Let's get together.                     Hittumst. ; Komum saman.
He's driving me nuts!                   Hann er a gera mig brjlaan! 
She's driving me nuts!                  Hn er a gera mig brjlaan! 
It's driving me nuts!                   a er a gera mig brjlaan!
Just imagine!                           myndau r bara! ; Hugsau r!
That goes without saying.               etta er sjlfsagt.
She's my pride and joy.                 Hn er stolt mitt og skemmtan.
You hit the jackpot.                     hafir rtt fyrir r. 
You hit the jackpot.                     vannst stra vinninginn.
What is the exchange rate?              Hvert er skiptahlutfalli?
How much is the postage?                Hva kostar miki undir etta?
I haven't a clue.                       g hef ekki minnstu hugmynd.
Keep your chin up.                      *Halltu hkunni htt.
You get on my nerves.                    pirrar mig.
You get on my nerves.                    fer  taugarnar  mr. (dir. trans)
It's a matter of time.                  etta er spurning um tma.
Get lost!                               Faru!; Lttu ig hverfa! 
Get lost!                               Drullau r  burtu!
Let's make the best of it.              Gerum a besta r essu. 
Let's make the best of it.              Gerum bara gott r essu.
Look out!                               Varau ig!
It looks bad.                           a ltur illa t.
Make up your mind.                      kveddu ig.
On the other hand. . .                  Hinsvegar. . .
What's the matter with you?             Hva er a r?
We barely made it.                      Vi rtt sluppum.
Eat shit and shut up!                   ttu skt og egiu! 
How can you say that?                   Hvernig getur  sagt a?
That's a different case altogether.     a er allt anna ml. 
That's a different case altogether.     a er allt annar handleggur.
Don't judge a book by its cover.        Ekki dma bk af kilinum (kjlur)
If I'm not mistaken. . .                Ef g hef ekki rangt fyrir mr. . .
Keep in touch!                          Hafu samband!
Shame on you!                           Skammastu n!
Just a moment.                          Augnablik.
I'm as happy as can be.                 g er eins ngur og g get ori. 
I'm as happy as can be.                 g er  sjunda himni.
I see                                   g skil
I know exactly what you're talking about. g veit alveg hva  ert a tala um.
see you later                           bless  mean
sleep soundly                           sofu vel (one person)
sleep soundly                           sofi vel (two or more people)
close enough                            nrri lagi
bye                                     sjumst
bye all                                 bless allir
good night                              ga ntt
I'm going at 11PM to see 1984           g fer klukkan 23.00 a sj 1984
Who in the world are you?               Hver  verldinni ert ?
Do you speak english?                   Talaru ensku?
I only speak english.                   g tala bara ensku.
Nice to meet you.                       Gleur mig a kynnast r.
See you later.                          Sjumst sar.
I know.                                 g veit.
How old are you?                   Hva ertu gamall? (male); gmul? (fem)
My name is. . .                         g heiti. . .
I don't know.                           g veit ekki.
It was nothing.                         a var ekkert.
What is your name?                      Hva heitir ?
How does one say. . .                   Hvernig segir maur. . .
in Icelandic                             slensku
Good day.                               Gan dag.
Good evening.                           Gott kvld.
Send it to me.                          Sendu mer a.
Is that really true?                    Er a (virkilega) satt?
Where do you come from?                 Hvaan komi r?
Where do you come from?                 Hvaan kemur ? (common spoken form)
Where are you from?                     Hvaan ertu?
I am from. . .                          g er fr. . .
Could you speak more slowly please?     Gtir  tala svolti hgar?
You are very beautiful.                  ert mjg falleg.
You are very funny.                      ert mjg fyndin.
Can you help me with. . .               Geturu hjlpa mr me. . .
How far away is it?                     Hversu langt  burtu er a?
Show me.                                Vsi mr. ; Vsau.
Show them to me.                        Vsi mr  a.
What will it cost?                      Hversu (miki) kostar a?
How much for that?                      Hva kostar etta?
I like that.                            etta lkar mr.
I don't like that.                      Mr lkar etta ekki.
Where is the. . . ?                     Hvar er. . . ?
I am lost.                              g er villtur.
There has been an accident.             a hefur ori slys.
Could you help me please?               Gtir  hjlpa mr?
How do I get to. . .                    Hvernig kemst g til. . .
Where is the hospital?                  Hvar er sjkrahsi?
Where is a telephone?                   Hvar er nsti smi?
Where is the bathroom?                  Hvar er salerni?
Where can I exchange money?             Hvar get g skipt peningum?
What do you want?                       Hva vilji er?
thanks a lot, thanks much               takk krlega
I will stay with you.                   g skal vera hjyur.
I am sick.                              g er veikur.
Hi, whats going on?                     Hallo, hva er um a vera?
Who sent you?                           Hver sendi yur?
Are you ill?                            Er yur ilt?
Are you hungry?                         Eru r hungrair?
Are you cold?                           Er yur kalt?
I am cold.                              Mr er kalt.
I am hot.                               Mr er heitt.       
bad weather                             veur
true                                    sannur
keep away from                          halda sig fjarri, forast
that is to say                          a er a segja
at last                                 loksins
help                                    hjlp (noun), hjlpa (verb)
go to bed                               htta
get up, get out of bed                  fara  ftur
care about                              kra sig um
did it work?                            virkai a?
have to go                              ver a fara
Are you finished?                       Ertu binn?
doesn't work                            virkar ekki
Is someone there?                       Er einhver hr?
Is everything in good order?            Er allt  lagi?
How do you do.       Komi r slir. ; Komdu sll. (male); Komdu sl. (fem)
What is your religion?                  Hverrar trar ert ?
Please tell me.                         Geri r svo vel a segja mr.
I don't understand.                     g skil ekki.
I do not understand you.                g skil yur ekki.
I am grateful.                       g er akkltur. (male); akklt. (fem)
Yes or no?                              J ea nei?
What time is it?                        Hva er klukkan?
What is that?                           Hva er etta?
What did you say?                       Hva segi r?
Everything is all right.                Allt  Lagi.
I am reading.                           g er a lesa.
I was reading.                          g var a lesa.
I have been reading.                    g hef veri a lesa.
I had been reading.                     g hafi veri a lesa.
I shall probably be reading.            g mun vera/vera a lesa.
I shall be reading.                     g ver a lesa.
I am going to sleep.                    g fer a sofa.
I went to sleep.                        g fr a sofa.
I shall/will (not) go.                  g skal (ekki) fara.
You shall/will (not) go.                 skalt (ekki) fara. 
He shall/will (not) go.                 Hann skal (ekki) fara.
Must you go?                            urfi i (r) a fara?
He told me to go.                       Hann sagi mr a fara.
Where do you live?                      Hvar ttu heima?
When do you celebrate national holidays?     Hvenr helduru jhtardaga?
When will you celebrate?                Hvenr helduru upp  a?
I wish you a merry Christmas.           g oska er gleilegra jla.
Merry Christmas                         Gleileg jl
Happy new year                          Gleileg nr
Happy and prosperous new year           Gott og farslt komandi r 
When did you go?                        Hvenr frstu?
When were you there?                    Hvenr varstu ar?
What is that supposed to do?            Hva  a a gera?
What does that mean?                    Hva ir a?
What did you see?                       Hva sstu?
Who should I talk to?                   Vi hvern tti g a tala?
Why do you ask?                         Af hverju spyru?
How does it work?                       Hvernig virkar a?
How do I do that?                       Hvernig geri g a?
How did you do that?                    Hvernig geriru etta?
It's all the same to me.                a er allt a sama fyrir mr.
Gee, thanks a lot.                      V, takk rosalega.
Ah come on. (you must be kidding)  Nei, httu n ( hltur a vera a grnast)
He's at the top of his class.           Hann er efstur  snum bekk.
Cut it out! (stop that)                 Httu essu!
I'm beat.                               g er binn.
I'm wiped out.                          g er ALVEG binn.
I'm exhausted.                          g er rmagna.
That does me good.                      etta gerir mr gott.
The coast is clear.                     Gatan er grei.  
It is safe to go on.                    a er htt a halda fram.
I risked my neck for you!               g setti mig  httu fyrir ig!
I put myself in a dangerous situation for you.
g setti mig  httulega astu fyrir ig.
I was just thinking about you.          g var a hugsa um ig.
I was just thinking about you.          g var rtt  essu a hugsa um ig. 
and so on - etc.                        o.s. frv. - og svo framvegis

********   ADJECTIVES/ADVERBS   ********
absurd                                  fjarstur
accidental                              slysalegur, tilviljunarkenndur
accurate                                nkvmur
active                                  starfsamur, virkur
advanced                                framhalds-, raur, ntmalegur
affirmative                             jkvur
aged                                    aldurhniginn, gamall
agile                                   lipur, fimur
agrarian                                landbnaar-, bnda-
agreeable                               gilegur, gefelldur
alcoholic                               fengur, drykkjusjkur
amazing                                 furulegur
angry                                   reiur
bad                                     slmur, vondur
beautiful, lovely                       fallegur, legur (male); fallegar (fem)
best                                    bestur
bold                                    djarfur, frekur
boring                                  leiinlegur
brief                                   stuttur, stuttorur
broad                                   breiur, vttumikill
broken                                  brotinn, slitinn, bilaur
bright                                  bjartur
cheap, inexpensive                      dr
cool (adj)                              svalur
cold (adj)                              kaldur, kuldalegur
comfortable                             gilegur
cosy                                    notalegur, gilegur
courageous                              hugrakkur
cowardly                                huglaus, ragur
crazy                                   brjlaur, sturlaur
cruel                                   grimmur, miskunnarlaus
curious                                 forvitinn, forvitnilegur
cute                                    stur, snotur
dangerous                               httulegur
dark, black                             dimmur
drunk                                   drukkinn
dry                                     urr
dumb                                    mllaus
first                                   fyrstur
furious, mad                            ur
good (adj)                              gur
great                                   mikill
high                                    hr
holy                                    heilagur
hot                                     heitur, bragsterkur (taste)
interesting, full of fun                skemmtilegur
last                                    siastur
lively                                  lflegur, fjrugur
lonely                                  einmana, ffarinn
lost                                    tndur, vegaviltur
loud                                    hvr, hvaasamur
low                                     lgur
married                                 giftur
normal                                  elilegur, venjulegur
obnoxious, repellant                    alaandi
obvious                                 auljs, greinilegur
polite                                  kurteis, hverskur, sifgaur
poor                                    ftkur
pregnant                                frsk
revolting (adj)                         vibjslegur
rich                                    rkur, efnaur
scenic                                  nttrufagur, landslags-
short                                   stuttur, skammur, lgur (stature)
sick                                    sjkur
significant                             mikilvgur, marktkur
sincere                                 einlgur
smart                                   velklddur
sober                                   drukkinn
sour                                    sr
strong                                  sterkur, flugur
stupid                                  heimskur
sweet                                   stur
talented                                hfileikarkur, gfaur
tall                                    hr, str vexti
terrible                                hrilegur, skelfilegur, skaplegur
ugly                                    ljtur
wet                                     blautur, votur
wild                                    villtur, villi-
wonderful                               furulegur, dsamlegur

********   USEFUL   ********
Cardinals (numbers)                     Frumtlur                              
number                                  tala, nmer
nothing                                 ekkert
0                                       nll
1                                       einn
2                                       tveir
3                                       rir
4                                       fjrir
5                                       fimm
6                                       sex
7                                       sj
8                                       tta
9                                       nu
10                                      tu
11                                      ellefu
12                                      tlf
13                                      rettn
14                                      fjrtn
15                                      fimmtn
16                                      sextn
17                                      sautjn
18                                      tjn
19                                      ntjn
20                                      tuttugu
21                                      tuttugu og einn
30                                      rjtu
35                                      rjtu og fimm
36                                      rjtu og sex
40                                      fjrutu
50                                      fimmtu
60                                      sextu
70                                      sjtu
80                                      ttatu
90                                      nutu
100                                     hundra
1000                                    sund
1000000                                 milljn

who                                     hver (interrogative), sem (relative)
what                                    hva, a sem (prn); hvaa (adj)
where                                   hvar, hvert, ar sem
why                                     hvers vegna, af hverju
how                                     hvernig, hversu
when                                    hvenr (adv), egar (conj)
next                                    nstur
never                                   aldrei, ekki nokkurn tma
morning                                 morgunn,  morgun (this m.)
noon, midday                            hdegi
evening                                 kvld,  kvld (this e.)
midnight                                mintti
day                                     dagur, slarhringur
week                                    vika
time                                    tmi, skipti
second                                  seknda
minute                                  mnta
hour                                    klukkustund, tmi
today                                   dagurinn  dag,  dag, n
tommorow                                morgundagur, framtiin,  morgun
tonight                                 kvld
yesterday                               grdagur

Sunday                                  Sunnudagur
Monday                                  Mnudagur
Tuesday                                 rijudagur
Wednesday                               Mivikudagur
Thursday                                Fimmtudagur
Friday                                  Fstudagur
Saturday                                Laugardagur

month                                   mnuur
year                                    r

January                                 janar
February                                febrar
March                                   mars
April                                   april
May                                     ma
June                                    jn
July                                    jl
August                                  agst
September                               september
October                                 oktber
November                                nvember                
December                                desember

winter                                  vetur
spring                                  vor
summer                                  sumar
autumn, fall                            haust

red                                     rauur
yellow                                  gulur
green                                   grnn
blue                                    blr
purple                                  purpuralitur, raufjlublr

north                                   norur
east                                    auster
west                                    vestur
south                                   suur
south-east                              suaustur
south-west                              suvestur

********   PEOPLE  SOCIETY   ********
nationality                             jerni
African                                 Afrkubi (noun), afrskur (adj)
Asian                                   Asu-, austurlfu-, austrnn
America                                 Amerka
American                                Amerkumaur (noun), amerskur (adj)
Argentina                               Argentna
Austria                                 Austurrki
Australia                               strala
Australian                              stralubi (noun), stralskur (adj)
Belgium                                 Belga
Brazil                                  Brasila
Britain                                 Bretland
Canada                                  Kanada
Chile                                   Chile
Denmark                                 Danmrk
Dane                                    dani
Danish                                  danska (people), danskur (adj)
France                                  Frakkland
French (language)                       franska
French (adjective)                      franskur
Finland                                 Finnland
German (language)                       ska
German (adjective)                      skur
Germans (plural)                        jverjar
Germany                                 skaland
Great Britain                           Stra Bretland
Greece                                  Grikkland
Hong Kong                               Hong Kong
Iceland                                 sland
Icelander                               slendingur
India                                   Indland
Indian (from India)                     Indverji
Indian (American)                       Indini
Ireland                                 rland
Irish                                   rskur
Israel                                  srael
Italy                                   tala
Korea                                   Krea
Malaysia                                Malasa
Mexico                                  Mexk
Netherlands, Holland                    Holland
Norway                                  Noregur
Portugal                                Portgal
Singapore                               Singapore
Spain                                   Spnn
Spanish (adjective)                     spnskur        
Spanish (language)                      spnska
Sweden                                  Svj
Swede                                   Svi
Switzerland                             Sviss
Thailand                                Taland
Taiwan                                  Tvan
Turkey                                  Tyrkland
Yugoslav (person)                       Jgslavi
Yugoslavia                              Jgslava

family                                  fjlskylda
man                                     maur
woman                                   kvenmaur, kona
father, daddy                           fair, pabbi
father and son                          fegar
father and daughter                     fegin
sweetheart                              krasti (m), krasta (f)
mother                                  mir
mother and son                          mgin
mother and daughter                     mgur
parents                                 foreldrar
grandmother                             amma
grandfather                             afi
great-grandmother                       langamma
great-grandfather                       langafi
elder                                   eldri
in-laws                                 tengdaflk
boy                                     drengur, strkur
girl                                    stlka
child                                   barn
brother                                 brir
sister                                  systir
brother and sister                      systkin
husband                                 maurinn
wife                                    konan
son                                     sonur
daughter                                dttir
relatives                               frndflk
friend                                  vinur
teenager                                tningur
person                                  persna
people                                  flk, j
language                                tunguml
politics                                stjrnml, stjrnmlafri
war                                     friur
refugee                                 flttamaur, landfltta maur
soldier                                 hermaur
receptionist                            mttkustarfsmaur
soul                                    sl
mechanic                                vlvirki
doctor                                  lknir
waiter                                  jnn
craftsman, tradesman, artisan           inaarmaur
sports, athletics                       rttir

********   LANDSCAPE   ********
mountain                                fjall
mountain pass                           fjallaskar
mountain range                          fjallgarur
glacier                                 (skri)jkull
valley                                  dalur
river (wide)                            fljt
lake                                    stuvatn
coast                                   sjvarstrnd
terrain                                 land, landslag
road                                    vegur
path                                    gangstgur, braut, lei
trail                                   spor, sl
field                                   vllur, akur, svi, svi, flekkur
desert                                  eyimrk
forest                                  skgur                                 
land                                    land, jr
landmark                                landamerki, kennileiti
landscape                               landslag
landslide                               skria

********   FOOD AND DRINK   ********
food                                    fa, matur
meat                                    kjt
bread                                   brau
meal                                    mlti
fruit                                   vxtur
milk                                    mjlk (noun), mjlka (verb)
water                                   vatn
beer                                    bjr
wine                                    vn
honey                                   hunang
apple                                   epli
banana                                  banani, bjgaldin
carrot                                  gulrt
cherry                                  kirsuber
chocolate (noun)                        skkulai
nut                                     hneta (food); r, brjlingur (metal)
onion                                   laukur

********   TECHNICAL   ********
chemistry                               efnafri
mathematics                             strfri
physics                                 elisfri
binary code                             tvtlukerfi
data                                    ggn, upplsingar
database                                gagnasafn
computer                                tlva
analog computer                         myndrn tlva
microcomputer                           rtlva
(computer) programming                  forritun
word processing language                ritvinnsluml
file                                    jl
software                                hugbnaur
machinery                               vlar, vlbnaur
machine language                        vlaml
low level language                      ra forritunarml
motor                                   mtor
radio                                   tvarp, tvarpstki (r. set)
telephone                               smi (noun), sma (verb)
television                              sjnvarp, sjnvarpstki (t. set)
queue, line                             bi
shortwave                               stuttbylgja

********   VERBS   ********
talk, speak                             tala
dance                                   dans, dansleikur (noun); dansa (verb)
write                                   skrifa, rita
play                                    leikur (noun), leika (verb)
take                                    taka
solve                                   leysa r, ra (gtu)
give                                    gefa
read                                    lesa
teach                                   kenna
stop                                    stva, stoppa
go                                      fara
look                                    sj, lta
bring                                   koma me, fra, flytja
listen                                  hlusta
walk                                    ganga, labba
run                                     hlaupa, renna
fly                                     fluga (noun), fljga (verb)
drive                                   aka, keyra (car); reka (sheep)
feed                                    fa, fra (animals)
eat                                     bora, ta
drink                                   drykkur (noun), drekka (verb)
comprehend                              skilja, fela  sr
open                                    opna 
close                                   loka, enda, ljka, byrgja
scream, howl                            orga
cause                                   orsaka

An excerpt of "Saga slands" from Icelandic Grammar Texts Glossary 
by Stefn Einarsson

egar Normenn fundu sland  sara hluta nundu aldar, komu eir a byggu
landi.  Me stofnun Alingis settu eir  ft lveldi, sem st ar til um 
mija rettndu ld.   hafi um nokkur r veri friur innanlands meal
hfingja, og endai hann me v, a landi gekk Noregskonungi  hnd 1264.
Me norsku krnunni komst landi undir dnsk yfirr 1380.

The above narration was supplied by Auur Valtsdttir Gallagher.


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