Class Notes at the University of Miami.
After visiting the Florida schools, I was struck by how intense and 
different U.M. was from the other college campuses in Florida. The 
dean of the College of Arts & Sciences at Miami provided me with 
this little gem of wisdom about the Florida schools: 
A prof at UF (Gainesville) walks into his classroom at 9:05 am, yawning and mumbling "Good Morning Class". He looks around to find an empty room. Too early?
A prof at FSU (Tallahassee) walks into his class, wishes the students "Good Morning" & receives a harsh reply: "Don't tell us how to experience our day you capitalist pig!"
A prof at the University of Miami walks into his classroom and says "Good Morning, Class". Dutifully, every student writes on their first line of notepaper: "Good Morning, Class"