Astrobiology is study of the origin, evolution, distribution, & destiny of life in the universe.
  It attempts to answer 3 fundamental questions:
                How did (does) life begin and develop?
                Does life exist elsewhere in the universe?
                What is life's future on Earth and beyond?
  While these questions may be age-old, it is now, for the first time in human history,
                that advances in the biological sciences, space exploration, and astronomy
                make it possible for us to realistically attempt to answer them.

   Exobiology & Extraterrestrial Life
   ET   (mankinds ideas of ET's)
   The Pale Blue Dot  -  Is there Life on Earth? 
   V'GER - The cloud from 'Star Trek the Movie'
   The Rare Earth Hypothesis 
   Mass Extinction of Species   &  Chicxulub Impact Event 
   Historical Ideas on Origins of Life     &    Contact

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