Mitochondria, minute oblate-spheroid shaped structures found in the clear cytoplasm of the cell, which are responsible for energy production, i.e., aerobic respiration via , Krebs Cycle & ETC. Mitochondria contain oxidative enzymes that convert food materials (carbohydrates, especially glucose) into adenosine triphosphate (ATP), which is used directly by the cells to do work.
     Mitochondria tend to be concentrated near cellular structures that require large inputs of energy, such as the flagellum, which is responsible for movement in sperm cells and single-celled plants and animals. 
     Mitochondria contain their
own DNA, ribosomes, &  synthesize protein
double membrane: outer = transport protein Porin
inner = Cristae, hold ATP synthaseETC
           matrix (
mitoplasm): holds aqueous components of mitochondria

Recent studies in Mitochondria & their diseases