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To view the pages on course site as they were intended to be rendered, we recommend that you use either Internet Explorer version 4.0 and above or Netscape Navigator version 4.0 or above.

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Web Browser Setup Test:  To find out which browser version you have...  

       Windows Logo  Windows - go to "About" under the Help menu at the top of your browser window.
Macintosh Logo  Macintosh - go to the Apple menu and select "About" 

* Netscape Users - We do not recommend you use Netscape Navigator 6. The features of this web
      site may not work properly in Netscape Navigator 6.
* AOL Users
- We do not recommend you use the AOL (America On Line) browser. Some features
      of this site may not work properly in the AOL browser. If you use AOL to connect to the internet
      you may launch either Internet Explorer or Netscape Navigator after you establish a connection.

Is your web browser version 4.0 or later? 

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