Some Really Cool  Science FACTS...  that'll blow your Mind.

The human brain is 75% water.

Stem Cells are plenipotent or totipotent (will make any cell type).

Food does not become radioactive when exposed to radiation.

The only reason humans need to breath oxygen is to accept
    electrons in the final stage of ATP synthesis in mitochondria.

There are more bacteria in and/or on the human body than cells
    making up the human body.

20 millions sperm per ml is the threshold for clinical infertility;
    (50 million sperm per ml is normal).

Most students believe that science involves a set of well known
    facts that can be memorized. Students are surprised at the
    number of scientific theories and things that we do not know.

Exposure to cold and drafts has nothing to do with "catching" a cold;
    rather it is proximity to sources of viruses and microbes.

Sometimes students are surprised to learn that water, air, and their
    food are chemicals.

There is a difference  in the sensation of touch and pain when tested
    with a sharp object.

The digestive system produces more mucus than the respiratory tract.

The length of DNA in a cell, when stretched end-to-end is over 5.0 meters.

Five fingers is due to recessive alleles and not a dominant allele.
    Polydactyl (more than 5 fingers) is dominant.


2002 - Charles Mallery