Deoxyribonucleic acid
 Cell and Molecular Biology
    is the study of life & the living cell
    through the analysis of the constituent
    molecules found within cells.
              " Living organisms are composed of inanimate molecules...
                               and nothing is alive in a cell except the whole of it?
                                                             Matrin Olomucki (1993) the chemistry of life.  NY, McGraw Hill 
               CMB is designed to construe the properties of the organism
               by understanding the structure of its constituent molecules.




Cell & molecular biology is a vibrant & exciting discipline.

CMB forms a bridge between such basic 
          disciplines as
biochemistry, developmental biology,
, neurobiology, molecular genetics,
, and microbiology 

     cell & molecular biology provides a natural connection
     between basic biological research and medicine.
      Text description - What is Cell and Molecular Biology* a text description of Cell Biology
required reading)
    *Class Rules:  Any item with a hyperlink *STAR means
           you are responsible for the material at that hyperlink.



   Class Procedures for web lecture notes and outlines:

       Web based class material is designed to allow individuals in the class to meet their own
          unique learning requirements. The webpages themselves present "baseline-needed material"
          which we all must learn, including starred*links, that are designed to enhance directed
          learning, and explain in greater detail a concept presented on the base page.

if a web link is starred*, then you are responsible for the content at that link;
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  Additionally, there is immersion-learning links that are not starred,  about cell-molecular
          biology topics, which allow a learner (you) to delve into an area of self-interest, build your
          knowledge base, and increase your biology productivity.
                   if a web-link is NOT starred, then you NOT responsible for its content on tests. 



Fundamental Questions Asked via CMB ?
        what is definition of Life ?
        what does it mean to be alive
Life is manifest in the cell...   so the questions can be...
        what are the origins of life ?
        what are the properties of cells ?
        how does an organism develop from single fertilized egg ?
        what causes the great diversity of life ?
        how does life work - why do we get sick, grow old, die ?

Course Goals -
  1.  examine the details of the cell, stressing
          the fundamental &  relationships between
          molecules and structure & function
  2.  generate an appreciation for how the
properties of molecules lead to the living condition
    "Although concepts and ideas occupy a central place in the grand sweep of our
         understanding of the nature of the world around us, it is a mistake to imagine
         they play a greater role than tools and techniques in achieving scientific progress.
         Few scientific revolutions are concept driven."    
 [re: HGP].... John M. Thomas, 1994.  







  • Luis Glaser,
       Ashe Bldg. suite 247 - Professor & Special Assistant to President.
  • Charles Mallery,
       Ashe Bldg. suite 200 - Associate Dean, College of Arts and Sciences.  
                Office Hours - please call their secretary's for an appointment :
                                             Mallery 284-3188   or   Glaser 284-4015
                Textbook (spring 2006) - "Molecular Cell Biology " 5th edition
                                 by Lodish et al,  W.H. Freeman & Co., NY   (ISBN
0-7167-61521  ).
                Prerequisites - Biology 150 and 160;  a background in genetics (Bil 250) 
                                                          & organic (CHM 201) is recommended.
                Lecture -    fall  S -   3:30pm to 4:45pm - Tuesday & Thursday in Cox 145.
 - spring Q - 12:30pm to  1:45pm - Tuesday & Thursday in Cox 126.
                              - spring T -   5:00pm to  6:15pm - Tuesday & Thursday in Cox 145. 









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                     &    -     Dr. Glaser:


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