Basic Properties of Cells and Life   -  Top 10 Characteristics of Cells
 1.   have an evolutionary origin - via
Chemical Evolution toward a LUCA
 2.   highly complex - mix of biomolecules 
(C, O, H, N)  --->  cellular structural complexity
                 structural complexity - review figure 5.22a pg 169 (mcb) 
                                               & typical animal & plant cells - fig 5.19 pg 166 (mcb)

       lead to 2 fundamental types of cells - prokaryote & eukaryote 
(read pgs 2-4)*  
 3.   can replicate themselves -   Mitosis  &  Meiosis    
 4.   acquire and utilize energyglycolysisKrebsETC
                    cells obey laws of chemistry & physics
(the laws of Universe)
 5.   cells metabolize - are capable of 1,000's of reactions (via enzyme proteins)
 6.   capable of self regulation - series of ordered reactions that are self-adjusted
                    division, growth, & differentiation leads to cell Form & Function
 7.   osmoregulate - control what gets in/out of membranes (organelle or plasma)
 8.   are motile - involved in numerous mechanical activities
                    assembly, disassembly, movement of organelles, motor proteins
 9.   respond to stimuli - via cell surface receptors  (paracrine vs. endocrine)
 10. cells die - absence of life is a most defining characteristic of living