Bill 255 Quiz -  pick the best answer from among those given.

 1.  The smallest entity that can exhibit all of the characteristics of life is?
          a) ribosome     b) virus     c) cell     d) an organ as the heart     e) none of these is correct


 2.  C
oncepts & ideas occupy a central place in our understanding of CMB, but it is a mistake
     to think they play a greater role than tools and techniques in achieving scientific progress.
        a) true     b) false


 3.  To date, the primary methodological approach in cell & molecular biology has been?
           a) use of microscopy          b) whole organismal physiology          c) a reductionist approach
           d) genetic analyses             e) none of these is correct

 4.  Our understanding of the cell theory and the concepts of CMB indicates that all life evolved
       from a single cell often referred to as?             a) a bacteriophage                    b) an archaea
            c) LUCA                d) a virus as HIV                 e) none of these is correct




 5.  Of these the smallest know cell(s) is(are)?
        a) HIV virus     b) E. coli     c) muscle cells     d) mycoplasm bacteria     e) none of these is correct

 6.  Which of the following is NOT a common model organism used in CMB?
        a) E.Coli        b) C. elegans (roundworm)        c) fruit fly        d) zebra fish        e) Human