1. Which of the following is not a ‘model organism’ commonly used in CMB?

     a) E. coli      b) yeast      c) roundworm      d) human      e) choose this answer if all of these are correct


2. Contemporary Cell & Molecular Biology is a compilation of which of the following disciplines?

     a) cell physiology     b) systemic physiology     c) biochemistry     d) molecular biology     e) all of these


3. Digital life computational software can undergo mutations changing the progeny software from the
    original ancestors seemingly modeling evolutionary change?     a) true         b) false


4.  Which of the following organism has not been synthetically reproduced in the laboratory?
     a) polio virus           b) phi-X 174            c) Spanish flu virus           d) Mycoplasma gentalium    
     e) choose this answer if none of these have been made




5.  The Golgi apparatus was 1st seen by staining cells with silver nitrate in 1898 by?

                  a) Robert Brown    b) Max Kendrew     c) Theodore Schwann    d) Camillo Golgi    e) Rudolph Virchow


6.  The circumstantial evidence supporting ‘LUCA’ is the presence of different DNA nucleotide
     sequences in different genes of all organisms.     a) true             b) false