Some Current Issues in Cell & Molecular Biology
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1.  ASTROBIOLOGY - the study of life in the universe and the
          chemical and physical forces and adaptations
          which influence life's origin, evolution, and destiny
                   Rare Earth vs. Drake Equation 1st astrobiology conference
astrobiology at NASA biomarkers in astromaterials
space sciences at Ames SETI and Seti@home  

        Will the ability to culture Human stem cells alter human destiny?

Stem Cells (SciAm) Mouse Stem Cells
Human Embryonic Stem Cells Embryonic Stem Cell Culture
Save your Baby's Stem Cells Int'l Journal - Stem Cells
Ethics of Stem Cell Use #1 Ethics of Stem Cell Use #2
Growing New Organs Your Bionic Future "Human Borg's"
Human Clones Stem Cells Make Neurons
Current Political Climate Dolly = Medical Cloning  
Save Stem Cell Research  Transgenic Animals

3. GENOMICS - Human Genome Project -
   "identify the approximate [100,000] 30,000 genes in human DNA,
    determine the sequences of 3 billion bases in human DNA,
   store this information in databases,
   develop tools for data analysis and drug manufacture to treat disease
    address the ethical, legal, and social issues which arise."

DOE - HGP site NIH - HGP site
UK - HGP Mapping Human Chromosome Maps
Genome Database NCBI - SNiP database search site
Celera Genomics PE Biosystems  + PE 3700 Analyzer
DNA Computing Can Genes (or their digital equal) be Patented?

Bionanotechnology -
 Prions, Heat-shock proteins, DNA-nanotubes, & Viruses

         The idea is to exploit biology's assembly skills to build new nanodevices.
         Instead of domesticating plants and animals, it's time to domesticate
         molecules according to the burgeoning field of bionanotechnology.

          Using bacteriophages to make circuits.

FrankenFood - Second Green Revolution
        is genetically engineered food safe?

Poison Plants Genetically Altered Crops
B. thuringiensis  & EPA
Rat Food Trials 1998 Monarch Butterfly Deaths
FoE & Gov't Moratoriums Report of Nat'l Research Council
What's in the Works  
Current FrankenFoods on Your Table Monsanto Biotechnolgy 

Antibiotic Resistance - Zyvox (a new man made antibiotic) 
        Has the widespread use of antibiotics favored selection of
        resistant strains to the point we have no defense against pathogens?

Demise of Vancomycin U.N Warns of World Crisis
Antibiotics in Food - 70% in livestock
USA Today -  Zyvox & Synercid Med News     
Zyvox Mechanism of Action  
Mother's Milk &  E. coli 0157:H7 Current Antibacterial Research
Do bacterial Infections Cause Cancer & Heart Disease?
Bacteria & Heart Disease

Drugs, Doping, and Testing
        Is amateur sports dead?  Has genetic engineering
        altered the science of sport forever? 

International Summit - Drugs in Sports IOC Banned Drug List
IOC Home Page           USOC Online Human Growth Hormone   HGH
WADA - World Antidoping Agency    WADA HGH Tests not used
USADA - US Antidoping Agency IOC Drops Ball on Drug Tests
World Conference on Doping & IOC Drug Labs  Australia Drug Lab
Doping & Genetic Engineering      Daily Mail
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