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A short listing of Biology Web sites (and a few others) from around the world that contain useful Information for the biology student. The list is by no means complete and some sites may have disappeared by now. Please help me keep up these links by informing me of any sites that are no longer viable or by suggesting sites that I could add.

This site is solely intended for the education and/or entertainment of the students in Professor Charles Mallery's biology classes; no copyright infringement is intended.

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Biology books, browers, dictionaries, encyclopedias, & publishing companies

     Astronomy Dictionaries

NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory

Biology freshman books & companies

Dictionary of Cell Biology

Molecular Genetics, Primer on (Department of Energy

Browsers & Science Browers

            Biochem & Molecular Bio on the WWWeb - A Virtual Library
            Community of Science Web Server
            Health Resources on the Internet
            Neurosciences on The World-Wide Web Virtual Library
            WWW Virtual Library: Journals, Conf., & Current Awareness Serv. (Biosciences)

Medical Dictionaries

            Multilingual Glossary of medical terms
            Primer on Molecular Genetics (Department of Energy)
            Stedman's Electronic Medical Dictionary



Workbook Sites (Biology Textbooks)

            Access Excellence Activities Exchange
            BIOLOGY PLACE - Campbell's Book
            Frank Potter's Science Gems - Life Science
            Lipid Education Program Home Page

Cell Biology & Genetics Links

         Biotechnology Buyers Guide

                        Life Science and Industry suppliers - Biosci Register 

        Cell Reproduction

     Meiosis and Mendelian Genetics


            Claude - DeDuve- Porter : Rockefeller Univ
            History of the Light Microscope
            Scientific & Medical Antiques: Microscopes of the 17th Century
            Photomicroscopy - FSU course
           Theodor Boveri

Microscopy Images

           The Nanoworld Image Gallery: Scanning EM's of Everything
           The Molecular Expressions Photo Gallery
           BioMolecules : Links to Images
           Virtual Cell


        Cilia, flagella, and centrioles
                Endoplasmic Reticulum - Ribosomes
                Internal Organelles
                Lysosomes & Peroxisomes -
                Lysosomes and Peroxisomes
                Membranes - nature of
                Smooth Endoplasmic Reticulum
                The Cell Nucleus I - Pore Envelope
                The Cell Nucleus II - DNA & Histones
                The Cell Nucleus III

       Virtual Courses in Cell Biology on Web

        A Course/Tutorial on Cell Biology
        Biocenter - Univ of Wuerzburg
        Cell Biology Graduate Program Home Page - U. Texas Medical Branch
        List of Educational/Virtual Courses on the Web
        General Biological Principles Course - Whitman College
        Medical Biochemistry course - U Kansas
        MIT Biology Hypertextbook
        Protein Structure Course Birkbeck College - London
        UCSB Introductory Biology I - Bioc, CMB, & Gen pages
       WWW Cell Biology Course Index

Genome & Genetics Pages

              Department of Energy Primer on Molecular Genetics
             Cal State University - Virtual Fly Lab - create your genetic crosses of fruit flies
             Human Genome Project News & Information - Dept of Energy Oak Ridge National Labs
             The Human Transcript Map
             Horse Genetics

          Evolution & Diversity

             Tree of Life - U. Arizona project on phylogeny & evolution of groups of organisms
             Talk.Origins - Usernet newsgroup discussion on Origins, Evolution, & Creation Debate
                On-line versions of Charles Darwin's "Voyage of the Beagle" & "the Origin of Species"
             Talk.Origin web site on Biology and Evolutionary Theory... FAQ's
             Creation Science Home Page

General Info

            Biotechnology Info, The National Center for
            Educational Courses on the Web
            Galileo Home Page (JPL)
            Periodic Table (select Tech Handbook)
            The Electronic Zoo - Wash U.'s index of every useful animal site on the WEB


         General Science Journals

            Annual Reviews
            American Scientist: Homepage
      Biological Bulletin
            Current Contents - Institute for Scientific Information
            Nature, the journal
            Science, the journal's Home Page
            Scientific American

        Biochemistry & Cell Biology Journals

            Biological Chemistry, journal of
            Journal Molecular Biology Online
            Society Experimental Biology : Links from the SEB

        Medical Journals

            CDC - Morbidity & Mortality Weekly Report
            New England Journal of Medicine On-line - Home Page
     Journal of American Medical Association

        Physiology Journals

Health and Medicine Sites

           National Library of Medicine
            National Institute of Health
            World Health Organization (WHO)
            Centers for Disease Controls (Disease Preventions)
            Breast Cancer, What's New - Information Clearinghouse
            Health Resources on the Internet
            World Health Organization - Weekly Epidemiology Record


        Medicine Sites

            Cornell Medical College Education Center
            Patient Simulations - The Virtual Patient
            U.T. M.D.Anderson Levit Institute Anatomy Project
            The Virtual Pharmacy

        Research Sites

            Community of Science Databases
            University of Miami School of Medicine - Research

Population Stats Sites

           Women's Net's : Some Population Resources
            World POPClock

Science & Critical Thinking Links:

            American Philosophical Association - plenty of links to philosophy resources


EDUCATION [book companies, colleges, dictionaries, encyclopedias]

   Book Companies

            The Benjamin/Cummings Publishing Company
            Grolier Home Page
            HarperCollins College Quad, Welcome to
            Prentice Hall Home Page
            Sinauer Associates, Inc.
            Life: Main Menu - Purves & Orians Books
            Mosby Publishing
            Prentice Hall Home Page
            W.H. Freeman HomePage
            W.H. Freeman New Books
            Welcome to Wm C. Brown Publishers


            College URLs reported for College Guide as of 6/26/95


            (Spider's Web) References
            Bartlett, John. 1901. Familiar Quotations
            Dictionary of Cell Biology
            FREE Internet Encyclopedia
            On-line Dictionaries
            OneLook Dictionaries, The Faster Finder
            Reference Resources (via Princeton)
            Reference Section
            Reference Shelf
            The 'LECTRIC LAW LIBRARY'S(tm) REFERENCE ROOM (Dictionary)
            U.S. Statistical Abstract & Facts
            Webster's Dictionary, Hypertext Interface
            WWLIA Law Dictionary

Encyclopedia & Fact Book Resources

              Encyclopedia Britannica - site License for U.M. Students
              94 CIA FACT Book Site
              Britannica's Lives : Born on Your Birthday
              Grolier Home Page
              Welcome to Farmer's Almanac

ENTERTAINMENT (appropriate for biology and/or college students, well what did you expect)



    Magazines & Newspapers

             USA TODAY
            USA TODAY crossword
            PointCast, Inc - Front Door.


        Wire Services


            SI Online from Sports Illustrated
            USA Today Best College Football
            The NCAA
            1996 Centennial Olympic Games
            SYDNEY 2000
            The '96 Olympics: Event by event
            The Olympic Movement - Home Page
            FINAs Web Site "Welcome to FINA" - The Internaional Swimming Federation
            International SSwimming Hall of Fame
            United States Swimming
            ESPNET SportsZone


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