Projects in Electron Microscopy BIL 555

Individual research projects in electron microscopy.

Instructor: Dr.Jeffrey Prince

Office: Cox 20


Meeting Time and Place:By arrangement; Cox 20B.

Credits: 2

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In Depth Course Description:

Students conduct individual research projects selected by them or suggested by the instructor and may involve research areas of interest to other faculty members in the Biology Department or faculty at the Medical School. Students work out the appropriate fixation protocol for their study and use the electron microscope to visualize cellular changes caused by their experimental manipulation or the cellular characteristics particular to their tissue or organism. The class meets once a week to discuss individual progress and any problems with particular projects or with equipment in the laboratory. Students present two formal progress reports each semester; one at mid semester (oral only) and the other during finals (oral and written).


Admission to the course is only through permission of the instructor. This course is open only to students who have taken BIL 554, Electron Microscopy.

Ink gland of Aplysia californica

Course/Laboratory Schedule

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Feb 34
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Mar 179
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Mar 3111
Apr 712Class Reports
Apr 1413

Please note that this is a tenative syllabus. Laboratory assignments and notices will be posted on the top right side of the lab. blackboard. It is the students responsibility to check the board for any changes to the syllabus, announcements of new assignments and/or changes in dates that various assignments are due

Myelinosome formation in mouse hepatocytes grown with quinacrine

Projects in Transmission Electron Microscopy, BIL 555.

List of Projects, Student Authors and Progress Since Graduation from the University of Miami; 1982 to the present


Ultrastructure of Batophora largoensis.
S. Baker
Medical School, Public Health

Ultrastructure of the reproductive system of the termite, Incisitermes schwarzw.
W.S. Veazey.
Medical School

Ultrastructure of chloride cells in the gill epithelium of the Gulf Toadfish, Opsanus beta.
V. Restrepo.
Graduate School, Marine Science. Ph.D. (1989).

Effects of HgCL2 on the ultrastructure of tight junctions and desmosomes in the proximal kidney tubule of the toadfish, Opsanus beta.
C. Kovach.
Medical School.


Ultrastructure of Coccolithus neohelis .
C. Burdsal
Ph.D. Duke University, (1989)

Ultrastructure of mammalian cells with variable water content.
M. Eisenberg.
Medical School.

An ultrastructural study of hormone-treated and non-hormone treated rat mammary cell culture.
M. Utset
Medical School. M.D./Ph.D.


The ultrastructure of the spermatozoan of the termite,Incisistermes schwarzi.
E. Kipreos.
Medical school.

Ultrastructure of the marine phytoplankter,2181
S. Bishop.
Graduate school, Marine Science.

Mouse-L-cell dehydration with sorbitol.
J. Gallo.
Medical school.

A comparative study of alternative methods of cytochemical preparation of tissue samples
R. Gerhardt
Medical school.


Possible role of aluminum in brain dysfunction.
G. Perez.
Medical school.


Ultrastructure of the pulvinus of tropical legumes.
R. Swinney.
Medical school.


Electron microscopic study of the fate of iron linked xenobiotics in liver cells.
V. Lee.
Medical school.

Ultrastructure of the shark rectal gland in tissue culture.
N. McQueeney.
Graduate School, Marine Science


Ultrastructure of the lead lines that occur in xenobiotic treated liver cells exposed to quinacrin.
E. Cohen.
High school teacher. Science.


Ultrastructure of the detoxification body in xenobiotic treated liver cells.
J. Jimenez
Medical school.

Ultrastructure of Gaucher cells.
R. Pinon.
Medical school.


Ultrastructural localization of serotonin in juvenile sea slugs.
A. Delgado.
Medical school.

Ultrastructures of the liver of starved and fed fish.
E. Vasquez.
Research technician, Medical School,University of Miami.


Ultrastructure of the centrioles of Chlaymdomonas reinhardii
J. Chou
Medical School

Ultrastructure of the cricket ear
C. Lam
Medical School

Immunogold electron microscopy for localization of seratonin in Aplysia
A. Ganju
Medical School

Ultrastructure of the ink gland of the sea slug, Aplysia
P. Johnson

Ultrastructure of virus infection of mouse liver cells
C. Eldredge
Medical School


A light and electron microscopic study of the auditory system of the cricket, Gryllus assimilis
S. Sareh
Medical School

An ultrastructural analysis of retinal degeneration induced by kainic acid
E. Salom
Medical School

Ultrastructual localization of pigments in the eggs of the sea hare, Aplysia californica
C. Kicklighter
senior undergraduate


Ultrastructure of the contractile vacuole in Chlamydomonas (Chlorophyta)

V. Fernandez
Graduate School

Ultrastructure of the opelin gland of the sea hare, Aplysia californica
A. Nunez
Medical School

Ultrastructural localization of pigments in the eggs of the sea hare, Aplysia californica
C. Kicklighter


Ultrastructure of potential bacterial lesions in rhynifores of Aplysia
S. Baribea
RSMAS tech.

Ultrastructure of the opaline gland of Aplysia
C. Cho
Ultrastructue of the hepatopancrease of Aplysia and immunogold localization of the red algal pigment, phycoerythrin
L. Coelho
Medical School

Ultrastructue of the pedal ganglion of Aplysia
R. Gonzalez
Ultrastructure of the hepatopancrease of Aplysia
M. Moretti


Ultrastructure of a colonial anemone and bleaching of zooanthellae due to temperature shock
M. Moretti

Ultrastructure of the "kidney " of Aplysia californica
A. Silva
Medical School

Immunogold localization of the neurotransmitters, glutamate and serotonin, in ganglia of the sea hare, Aplysia californica
C. Quinn
Medical School